All Those Pieces

Into the Hearts and Minds of the
Psychologically Stranded

All Those Pieces


All Those Pieces is a memoir based on a speech language pathologist's experiences working with the adult developmentally disabled population.  In the book, the author shares the stories of a number of people who have been diagnosed with such disabilities.  Light is shed on the specific issues such people deal with on a daily basis, and leaves readers with a much more compassionate heart towards these  unique individuals.

Update !

Fantastic News !!  My book and ebook are published and on sale!

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Strolling into the large classroom to retrieve one of my students, I glimpsed her out of the corner of my eye, and I knew something bad was on the way.  She was still seated, but bore a look of sheer animal rage.  As she jumped up and leapt toward me, I had just enough time to lift my right arm to shield my face (as I had been taught to do).  She clamped down so fiercely on my forearm that she and I essentially became one.  Her teeth cut into me as she threw me up against a desk.  Time seems to freeze in such moments.  I remember falling back on the desk, completely unable to move.  The next thing I remember is feeling a release as a large woman pulled her off of me.  I was left half-dazed.  Her teeth had left their imprint on my arm and I was bleeding....


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